Digital Brushes for Concept Art

Digital Brushes for Concept Art

Concept Art Painting

Landscape Conceptual Art / Character Concept Art / Game Design Art / Cover Art (Games/Books/CDs/Cards)

In these galleries here you can find Concept Art and Environmental / Scenery Art Paintings
I did mostly for TopWare Interactive AG.

They are the developer of games like Two Worlds, Battle vs Chess, Vendetta – Curse of Raven’s Cry and Dream Pinball.
Some of this work here has appeared on Video Game DVD Covers, GamesCom stands, booklet covers
and also as a conceptual foundation of characters or environments in Video Games.

I was working together hand in hand with the Leading Art Designers
and this role has been also given to me.

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Digital Artwork / Game Concept Art
Inking Art
Sketches and Pencil Artworks

Concept Art Paintings are inspiring!

And they are pure creativity – they seem to be like free floating fantasies, but in truth even Concept Art has a form of realism.

You will have a hard time to go behind standard definitions of a Landscape Painting or a Portrait Painting. Concept Artist will start doing some strange and weird things to change this, but they are somehow limited and somehow bound to the proper composition rules.
You can not have floating mountains, a sky at the button (in green colors…) and trees coming from the right side that look like a wash machine. You see that on the one hand a Concept Artist has to be creative, but on the other he/she must take care, that the painting will not explode into surrealism. That’s really not the goal of Concept Art.

Interesting, isn’t it? Nobody actually talks about that, but I thought it is time to say it, cause it helps to understand, that the fundamentals of art and painting are still important, and they do play an important role.

So, in other words, even Concept Art has to relate quite much to the real life. Yes, we can hardly escape it, and that’s good. We can see how perfect this world is made and remember it every time we see it consciously.
And by the way, a Concept Artist working for the Game Industry still is often a very normal, classic Painter, like a traditional Landscape Painter or a Portrait Painter (if you’re doing Character Concept Art).
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