how to paint a digital portrait painting timelapse speedpaint

How to paint a digital portrait painting

Digital Painting Video Gallery

Please enjoy & feel welcome to this digital painting video gallery. There are also some free tutorials available here and of course you can learn by watching.

In my art store you can find fully narrated, detailed and highest quality digital painting courses. Find them by clicking on “Courses” in the above menu.
My digital painting courses are designed to bring you to the next level, as I’m explaining what I’m doing very slowly and step-by-step.
What I can – You can !

Photoshop Oil Brushes Painterly Style Brush Pack

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Portrait Painting and Concept Art Best Photoshop Brushes

Digital Portrait Painting – A Real Rembrandt

Old Painting Masters brought back to life!

► Watch this digital Oil Painting of a beautiful Rembrandt Painting – painted with Photoshop and the unique MA-Brushes.
I created these brushes to achieve highly natural and authentic digital Oil Paintings.

Digital Landscape Painting – Mountains of the Alps

Old Painting Style Of Painting A Mountains Scenery

► Watch me here painting a classical piece of art with my digital painting device. I can tell you that digital painting is very difficult. You have many possibilites, but when it comes to have your painting look very special like a real painting, you have to know all the tricks available for that task. If you like what you see, and you want to learn more, click in the above menu on “Courses” for my digital art courses, or have a look at the MA-Brushes. Without these I couldn’t paint anything like that.
But for now, how fun watching this clip!

Conceptual / Digital Art Painting of the Ocean

See in this video how I create a painterly landscape out of my mind

► A time-lapsed digital oil painting video of the ocean waves painted with Photoshop.
This painting is also done out of my mind, so I was able to achieve some kind of unrealism, which was quite fine for me. I named it “Shaping the Waves“.
All of the brushes I’ve used in this video are from my MA-Brush collection.

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Digital Art Painting – Abstract Woman

► A time lapse digital act painting video painted with Photoshop.
Realistic Digital Abstract Act Painting of a Woman – (c) 2018 Michael Adamidis
Soon as a limited fine art print available! Painted with Photoshop CS6 and my MA-Brushes.
Spanish guitar song composed by myself -> Purple Skies.
Played with a flamenco Antonio Bernal Guitar (build 2013) from Sevilla.

Digital Art Painting

Watch how I paint a landscape scene on YouTube

► Glad to share with you this Photoshop Painting Video (Time lapse) I did of a lovely Landscape scene of the black forrest (Schwarzwald). This painting was done out of my mind and without reference – just a collection of beautiful memories..

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Digital Portrait Painting – Time-Lapse

Digital painterly style painting

► This is a realistic digital oil portrait painting video (Time Lapse) of my two wonderful children.
The painting is also done with the MA-Brushes. The first set of this artistic brush pack is especially for fine art portrait painting.

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A Digital Painting Tutorial for Landscape Painting

Paint in Photoshop a painterly style painting with the MA-Brushes

► Painting tutorial (Playlist) – How to paint landscapes and tress (and also foliage).
This is a tutorial series with 3 episodes. Painting video tutorial for landscapes.

Learn through observing and imitation like children do – don’t wait and be inspired to start to paint your own painting!

Free Concept Art Tutorial – Conceptual Art Painting Brushes

Conceptual Art Painting Tutorial

► Just finished this new digital painting tutorial about doing concept art in Photoshop with the amazing MA-Brushes. Don’t miss this one, I feel like it is really worth watching it!
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Happy paintings!

How to Paint Digitally a Traditional Landscape Painting – FREE! Tutorial (pt.1+2)

Landscape Painting Tutorial

► Today I will share with you how I’ve painted this Landscape Painting by using Photoshop and the beautiful MA-Brushes. Of course once again the aim was that it would have a very traditonal touch. This is digitally not so easy to achieve, but with the MA-Brushes I could master this task almost with closed eyes. I hope you can learn something from this lesson. This is the first part of a two part tutorial (painting lesson).
I hope you enjoy it.
Happy paintings!

How to paint Trees – Tutorial

Landscape Painting Tutorial

► Time again for a new YouTube Video – I am happy, I had time for it.
I have to admit – not an easy one from the technical side. I had to learn a lot of new things.
It’s a painting tutorial / lesson about how to paint trees.
Don’t miss this one maybe this is something for you!
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Happy Paintings!

Painting – Greek Port

What can be more joy than painting a nice place you want to go to?

►Digital Oil Painting Video (Time Lapse) – Greek Port by Michael Adamidis (2018)

Soon as limited fine art print available.
Painted in Photoshop with the MA-Brushes.

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► This time not a painting but is a guitar cover of the beautiful song of Estas Tonné called “Between Fire and Water”. It was a long dream to record it and it was really not easy to stay focused and concentrated for 12 minutes. I am happy to share it here with you.

Guitar – Camps (Mundo) Flamenco 1F/Cutaway

Effect pedal – Hall of Fame, TC Electronics

Cameras: Sony Nex 5r & Sony RX100 III (3)

Digital Portrait and Concept Art


Realistic Photoshop Oil & Acrylic Brush Pack

The MA-Brushes for Photoshop have been created to help you
to create realistic Paintings with Photoshop, like you would paint on a real canvas.
It will make your painting technique more authentic, natural, efficient and free.

See this Video to learn more about the MA-Brushes (set it to 1080p).
I have made it long enough so you can see all the advantages you will get using these Brushes.

-Watch in 1080p-

Digital Portrait and Concept Art

► Read more about the MA-Brushes > here <
Read my newst article about “How to paint a digital Landscape Painting“!

I’m using a digital drawing tablet from wacom.
And if you want to find a good alternative to Photoshop try out Painter.