Digital ART Painting and Brushes Courses

Digital ART Painting and Brushes Courses

Digital Art Painting Courses and Tutorials and Photoshop Brushes

Maybe you search something as an artist or maybe you are searching something from an artist.
I would love to paint something for you!
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Digital Painting Tutorial Landscape Painting

Digital Landscape Painting Course No. 1 / Tutorial / Lesson

How to paint a digital landscape

Learn in this 5 hours long and fully narrated digital landscape painting course in two different lessons, how you can create beautiful landscape paintings like a traditional painter, just on your digital painting device. This course is for beginners, but also for more experienced digital artists, who want to explore what’s possible in digital art. Here we are painting – there is no shortcut and no photo-bashing or image manipulation with programs. Here is the starting point for true, realistic and authentic digital painting.

Digital Landscape Painting Course No. 2 – Painterly Style

digital landscape painting course painterly style tutorial lesson

This is my second digital landscape painting course, and it’s a very detailed and deep learning experience. This course is devided in two main lessons. You will learn just everything about how to paint digitally in a painterly style and how to draw your paintings. Drawing your paintings is the main preparation of any professional artist. How to set the rivers, barns and trees in the right perspective? You will have such a profound knowledge after taking this course, that you will benefit from it your whole art life.

Or get them as a Bundle with the MA-Brushes:


Both of my digital landscape painting courses are a deep painting experience. But with the power from the digital painting MA-Brushes you will have pure artistic freedom. Create and paint all your dreams and be ready to bring your art career to the next level.
> Scroll down in both courses and there at the buttom of the pages you will find the bundle offers that will save you money right from the start.

Digital Art – Portrait Painting

How to paint a digital portrait

Just lean back and learn by watching how I was creating this digital portrait painting in a classical baroque style. The actual painting tool me over 10 hours of work, and it was a special commission. I had to paint a warlock of the old times in that specific medieval style for a beautiful card game. I will also narrate the first 10 minutes of it, so you can get a deeper impression about what’s all about and what techniques I’ve been using.

Digital Art Painting Series – 4 FULL Videos – Episode 1 – Concept Art

How to paint Concept Art Digital Painting Tutorial
How to paint Concept Art Digital Painting Tutorial

See 4 beautiful digital landscape paintings in a slow speed to grasp just every little detail I’ve been creating with the MA-Brushes. The brushes used in those paintings are of course included. After that experience, your fingers will start to tremble because they want you to start painting right away. You will be able to create beauty with your drawing device. You will see how I’m painting a beautiful tree scenery, artistic mountain sceneries with realistic looking strokes and landscape concept art.

The MEGA MA-Products Bundle

Digital Painting Course Tutorial Lessons how to paint Michael Adamidis courses

Get them all in one MEGA Bundle and save a lot of money. The bundle will is available for 78 Euro instead of 104 Euro. You will benefit a lot by having all the brushes and digital painting courses in one download for a great price. You will get the highest possible digital painting product where I’ve put all of my knowledge in for you to discover!

Photoshop MA-Brushes


The MA-Brushes are a true revolution in digital art. They will create through your brush stroke beautiful paintings in any artistic style you want. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced digital artist, or if you are painting digital portrait paintings or landscape paintings. You want to create amazing paintings with your painting device? This is your very best choice. You will have the highest possible quality in brushes and canvas textures for your next paintings.

3 FREE Test Brushes of the MA-Brushes!

Download the MA-Brushes for Photoshop for FREE now

Here are 3 stars of the MA-Brushes for free, so you can test them if you are not sure if they are as good as we claim them to be. Test and experience the quality of these brushes, and surely you will get an impression of what is waiting for you in the complete MA-Brushes Pack.

My Digital Art Pricing

Photoshop Oil Brushes Concept Art Brushes for digital Painting Art

You want a digital portrait painting or a concept art painting? No matter if come from a game developing company or you are a private person from anywhere around the world.
I’m here and ready to paint for you in the highest possible quality. I’m experienced in creating illustrations for the film industry, game industry, for book covers, and also for board games for over 10 years.
Contact me for more information.

See here my two galleries to get a deeper impression of what I’m doing:

Click here for the digital concept art gallery
Click here for the digital oil painting gallery
Click here for the graphic design gallery

Canvas Brush Pack – MA-Brushes 2 Coming in 1. Qarter 2023!

MA-Brushes 2 realease when

Painting Texture Packs and Paintings Helping Tools

Best Custom Photoshop Brushes and Photoshop Brushes by Michael Adamidis

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