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The paintings in this gallery are painted digitally with Photoshop and the help of the amazing MA-Brushes.
I love to create digital art that has a touch of traditional art like a real oil painting.
The MA-Brushes give me just everything I need for this task.
There are fan brushes, dirty brushes, textured brushes and palette knives.
But beside of all the great possibilities, they give me so much fun while painting!

Digital painting video channel

Just take a closer look to see what is possible in digital painting with good Photoshop Brushes – and read on at the bottom of this page about digital oil painting.

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Digital Oil Painting Gallery
Photoshop Brushes for digital Painting with Oil Texture Pack
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About … Digital Oil Painting!

Yes, digital oil painting is lately very much appreciated, no matter if it’s about concept art or even a good book cover.
I would say it’s exactly like a real oil painting – it’s timeless.

Because beauty is timeless, isn’t it so?

That of course doesn’t mean that every digital oil painting is a beauty, and that of course also doesn’t mean, that it’s an easy task to do.
It’s not.
Like real painting generally digitally art is not easy. Transforming now digital art to look in reverse like a real oil painting. That’s an extra task again. It’s a very interesting one, and it’s coming from a lot of passion and love for traditional painting.
In my case, it’s also about a joy of recreating paintings of old masters, no matter if it’s a digital oil portrait or a digital oil landscape painting.

I’m using for this kind of work my own brushes, the MA-Brushes. They will are perfectly designed to mimic the standard oil brushes on a canvas. I’m enjoying the process of digital painting quite as much as I’ve enjoyed it with traditional oil painting.

What’s harder? Easy answer: They are both hard. Painting is a skill, it’s not like you will have an easy road to Rome.
Read here about how to paint a digital landscape painting! It’s free for you!

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