Get the Michael Adamidis MA-Brushes (Gumroad Download)(not free)

See here a beautiful gallery of examples of the powerful Photoshop MA-Brushes

The Photoshop Michael Adamidis Brushes (MA-Brushes) contain Oil Texture Brushes and Photoshop Mixer Brushes for your best digital Art experience!
Be free to paint whatever you love!

Above all painting traditional is truely the reference for any digital painter.
Of course this is not the case if you are painting Mangas or also Anime. But for every other style
like Concept Art, Portrait Painting or Landscape painting it is an even greater
pleasure to enjoy the feeling of traditional tools on your computer screen.

So, free yourself of digital borders by using the right Photoshop Brushes for Painting.

Photoshop MA-Brushes

It’s a secure Gumroad Download.
There is a astonishing great feedback from the customers of the MA-Brushes for Photoshop.

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MA-Brushes Gumroad – Michael Adamidis (not free)

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